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About Plagiarism Checker

In order to detect the plagiarism percentage of the compared text, you need to paste its part into the opened window and press the respective button. This is the only thing you are required to do. The pasted text is compared to thousands if not millions of web resources. Once the scanning process is over, a user will get a plagiarism report. If you do not know exactly how plagiarism checker work, you may upload the document that has to be tested for authenticity into our system. No matter the type of paper, i.e. essay, dissertation, etc., we will thoroughly check it for plagiarism and deliver a detailed plagiarism report to you.

Note that plagiarism software we are running does not save the scanned text. What is more, whatever your location is, you can check your work for authenticity via our plagiarism detection software for free.

One more benefit is that, users are not supposed either to pay or go to an unknown webpage to see the plagiarism search results. With our anti-plagiarism tools, you will not have any problems with your projects. So why not try now?